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In The News: Three – ‘Sonic Logos That Stuck’

Little Black Book have featured the Three mnemonic in their latest ‘High Five’, which takes a look at the top five sonic logos from the past year.

Sascha Darroch-Davies writes:

“The brand re-fresh also featured a brand spanking, shiny, new mnemonic. And a great job they’ve done too. The execution is simple – three (see what they did there?) ascending major chords played on the piano, overlaid with typical phone SFX; a phone vibration notifying an incoming message, followed by the ‘whoosh’ sound that accompanies an outgoing message. Simple, recognisable and very effective. Most importantly, the mnemonic needed to reflect Three’s new brand messaging – one of genuine human connection and shared, relatable moments between people young and old (a far cry from the Gen-Z-focused campaigns of yore) and this mnemonic does just that. It’s modest, warm, inviting, easily digestible and seemingly broad appeal while remaining distinct and ownable to Three.”

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